8 websites that pay freelance writers

If you are good at writing, you should read this article.
Here are some sites where you can make money from freelance writing.

Strong Whispers

$50 ~ $150

This website requires articles about lifestyle, environment, social issues, and much more. The articles must be original, well-written, accurate, and grammatically correct.

Read more http://strongwhispers.com/get-paid-to-write-articles/


$100 ~ $200

The best website for funny or humor writers. You can also take part in photoshoot competitions, T-shirt design competitions, and get paid for featured infographics on their website.

Read more at https://www.cracked.com/

Developer Tutorials

$30 ~ $50

This website provides programming and design guidelines to its users. You can write an article for $30-$50 and get it published on the website.

Read more at https://www.developer.com/

Metro Parent

$50 ~ $200

Metroparent is looking for experienced freelance writers to publish interesting stories for local parents. You will get 200 plus for publishing an article of 1,000 – 2,5000 words, 50$ for a short article, and $75 for a perspective essay.

Read more at https://www.metroparent.com/


Wow Women

$50 ~ $100

A great website to encourage female writers to write, WOW-WomenOnWriting.com pays $150 for 3,000 words of articles and focuses on the feminine theme monthly.

Read more at https://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/


$50 ~ $750

This website welcomes writers from niches like business, tech, sports, health, retail, and finance. Create an author account, browse writing jobs, and get paid.

Read more https://link-able.com/

Watch Culture

$25 ~ $500

This website offers news, opinions, and events coverage to millions of people. Many writers earn by writing about films, music, gaming, sports, television, and much more for a five million audience.

Read more  https://whatculture.com/write-for-us

Michelle Pippin

$50 ~ 150

This website requires writers in business niches to help small businesses increase their profits. You need to publish 800 words of original and well-written articles for the site.

Read more at https://www.bmichellepippin.com/get-paid-to-share-your-expertise-with-us/

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