LUNC – The Silent Money Train! Luna Classic.

Luna Classic[ LUNC ] is the top cryptocurrency. It’s the only chain making billionaires. You won’t hear about Luna Classic unless you read my writings or watch Lunatic YouTube channels.

[ LUNA ] Money train! Classic Luna.

Luna Classic [ LUNA ] Market Cap

In the last 14 days, Luna Classic [ LUNA ] has skyrocketed to new heights. The token’s price has increased from its August 24 low of about $0.00009905 to its current level of $0.00048657. (September 7th). A rise of over 400% in only two weeks is phenomenal.

In the same period of time that it would take to take a train trip through the top five U.S. national parks, Luna Classic’s market cap has increased from $325 million to $2.3 billion.

More Billionaires are being made in Luna Classic than in any other cryptocurrency right now. The whole crypto market has been hit by the Silent Money Train. 

Nobody in the crypto community, outside of the Lunatics, has spoken a word about Luna Classic. No major Crypto news site has reported on Luna Classic’s unexpected stratospheric surge. Like Bitcoin, Luna has been ignored by the most popular Crypto YouTubers.

Pay Me to Keep Quiet!

The fact remains, however, that billions, if not trillions, are now being made in Luna Classic. Billions are being invested by major hedge funds, banks, and traders in this new system. This investment has the highest level of secrecy of any in its field.

When things are going well, the standard procedure is to move quickly and discreetly.

That’s why you won’t find any respectable backer or observer of the financial markets bragging about the comeback of Luna Classic. The money train doesn’t stop for a whistle! Extremely Quick and Very Quiet!

LUNC – Luna Classic Social Movements

In the eight posts I’ve published on Medium on the meteoric ascent of Luna Classic since the month of August began, I’ve covered just about every aspect of the project’s success. In addition, the readership for these pieces has been nothing short of astounding. Over 7.2k views and 2.1k reads have been accumulated by some of these articles.

Currently, Google, Twitter, and IM platforms account for the vast majority of Luna Classic’s search engine traffic (email, IM, and direct). In fact, searches for “Crypto” on Google and Twitter had Luna Classic at the top. Since the return of Luna Classic on August 26th, it has been a popular topic on both networks.

Cash on the Luna Classic!

While it is hard to put a precise value on the wealth being created by the rebirth of Luna Classic, we can surely use the actual volume of daily transactions as a proxy.

CoinMarketCap and Coingecko show that in the last 24 hours, Luna Classic has traded for $2.5 billion, bringing its total market capitalization to $3.1 billion. The token appreciated by over 25% today and by over 50% between September 4 and 5.

The accompanying graphs show exactly where the real money is being generated in Crypto right now. It isn’t denominated in BTC, ETH, SOL, PLKD, or ADA. Each of these Layer 1 platforms has been fighting for survival just to keep its supports up. In addition, their price changes are highly tied to Bitcoin’s, and Bitcoin has been on a downward trend this summer with just a few brief “bear trap” rebounds.

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