Concerns about supermarket food prices rising despite falling inflation figures.

food price rise

Americans’ experience with inflation is improving, which provides President Joe Biden’s team with some relief before the next midterm elections. [food price rise] Lower than the previous month’s reading of 9.1 percent, inflation in July came in at 8.5 percent. The core inflation rate stayed at 5.9%. Real food price inflation experienced by consumers Real … Read more

The Fed’s rate hike and the impact of individuals and processes

Fed's rate hike

Low-income families struggling with Fed rate hike Fed rate hikes due to inflation The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to try to slow spending, cool the economy and defeat the worst outbreak of inflation in two generations. The move will further magnify borrowing costs for homes, cars and credit cards, though many borrowers may … Read more

Reasons for rate hike. base rate policy Are we going the right way?

interest rate hike

Fed set to impose an extra large pastime expense hike to fight inflation WASHINGTON — Conflicting indications in regards to the fitness of the U.S. economic climate have thrust the Federal Reserve into a tough spot. Reasons for rate hike, base rate policy Are we going the right way? Fed rate hike burden With inflation … Read more