U.S. and China Tariff – Are They Easing? strengthen?

U.S. and China Tariff

U.S. and China Tariff: The administration of President Joe Biden has thought about a number of possibilities to reduce the costs of taxes levied on Chinese imports, but a reevaluation was necessary after Beijing’s response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. Reconsideration of U.S.-China Tariff Adjustments Will China’s Excessive Military Exercises Strengthen Tariffs? … Read more

US-China military tensions:Military confrontation & the new status quo

US-China military tensions

US-China Military Tensions & the New Status Quo Pelosi visit continues US-China military tensions Following Nancy Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan, military tensions across the Taiwan Strait are still high. The Eastern Theatre Command of China announced that it was planning cooperative anti-submarine and sea assault operations in addition to continuing military drills with Taiwan. … Read more

China’s Geopolitical Position in Lithium Supply & Recycling

lithium supply

Lithium Supply & Imbalance & Recycling Lithium Supply Geopolitical Location – China, Argentina The world’s largest event on lithium and raw materials featured three of the best specialists in the lithium industry last week. The EV revolution was started by China, which also holds a privileged position in the downstream conversion of lithium into battery … Read more

Does Pelosi’s visit heighten the risk of war in Taiwan?

taiwan war risk

Pelosi’s visit escalates tensions in Taiwan, NATO US cautions. NATO. Taiwan war risk, tensions escalate The deteriorating war of words between the U.S. and China over Taiwan “could easily escalate” and European capitals are watching the situation closely. Analysts are urging EU leaders to pay attention and prepare for trouble ahead. Pelosi announced on Sunday … Read more

The Dollar’s Hegemony and Future Prospects.

dollar hegemony

The greenback’s uneasy reign, lasting over a century, is more and more under chance, as the Russia-Ukraine struggle and the continued disruption in the currency trading market accelerate the flow against reduced greenback hegemony. How does the dollar maintain its hegemony and future prospects? Where? The dollar rose to vigour in the years following World … Read more