Game changer HIMARS, troubled Russia, praised Ukraine

game changer himars

Game changer HIMARS. Christine Lambrecht’s chief of staff, Nico Lange, claimed that Russia is finding it difficult to establish itself in the conflict with Ukraine. A reversal of the game changer HIMARS in the midst of difficulties. HIMARS in action According to a report by Deutsche Well, 50 countries are supplying the Ukrainian military with … Read more

When will the Russian-Ukrainian war end?

Ukrainian War

The beginning and end of the Ukrainian war For the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war and for peace… Ukrainian War: When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, many onlookers thought the conflict would end quickly. Instead, an attrition-based war that is rumbling along with little sign of a conclusion has developed. Both sides in the Ukraine … Read more

Germany’s Energy Crisis Preparedness Scenario

Germany's Energy Crisis

Are you preparing for the ‘Germany energy crisis’? Russian gas blockade threat German officials have announced a number of new steps aimed at reducing gas use and preparing other sources of energy to make up for any gas shortages in the event that Russia completely cuts off the gas supply. Germany has reduced the share … Read more

Germany’s challenges and geopolitical junctions.

Germany's challenges

Germany’s challenges Let’s talk about the historical and geopolitical background. The Battle of the Teotoburg Forest, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Battle on the Ice are only a few examples of how Germany’s predecessors and preceding entities have contributed significantly to European events over the years. Germany’s challenges and geopolitics. Geopolitics after the 19th … Read more

Growing fossil energy demand and opportunities for climate change

Fossil Energy Demand

Soaring fossil energy demand and risks War and fossil energy demand The United States and other European nations have imposed sanctions on Russia, cutting it off from major international financial institutions and isolating the world’s 11th largest country economically, commercially, and culturally. The immediate consequences of this war crisis have already surprised many. Commodity prices … Read more

European EU gas prices soaring – Russian dependence Is there a solution?

EU gas price

EU gas price-Is there an alternative to Russian gas? Germany via the Nord Stream European natural gas prices rose on Wednesday as Russia cut back on gas exports to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and Ukraine’s gas pipeline system operator posted a preliminary transit nomination for Thursday of 10 million cubic meters. Germany’s … Read more