Is the ‘semiconductor supply problem’ okay? 3nm, automotive

semiconductor supply problem

Semiconductor supply problem?? The semiconductor business was undergoing significant transition in 2007 as China took over as the global manufacturing hub and India gained access to thousands of highly skilled engineers who had previously worked for American electronics companies like the former Texas Instruments. The future of the semiconductor industry is now questionable. Semiconductor supply … Read more

China’s Geopolitical Position in Lithium Supply & Recycling

lithium supply

Lithium Supply & Imbalance & Recycling Lithium Supply Geopolitical Location – China, Argentina The world’s largest event on lithium and raw materials featured three of the best specialists in the lithium industry last week. The EV revolution was started by China, which also holds a privileged position in the downstream conversion of lithium into battery … Read more

Find out the cause of inflation. The Fed’s QE Why??

cause of inflation

QE, bank lending and inflation Did quantitative easing make contributions to inflation, and the way a whole lot? Will quantitative tightening have the opposite impact? Find out the cause of inflation. essential questions: it’s often thought that low charges did make a contribution to inflation, and the Federal Reserve is hoping like hell that better … Read more