Asia CBDC Trends and Cryptocurrency Regulations

Asia CBDC Trend

Let’s learn about “Asia CBDC Trend”. Japan intends to implement sanctions by tightening regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges: The goal of the proposed modification is to stop sanctioned nations from utilizing digital assets to evade sanctions. Crypto regulation and CBDC trends in Asia Crypto Regulation Trends in Japan According to a government official, Japan intends to … Read more

EU CBDC Trends and Cryptocurrency Regulations

EU gas price

Cryptocurrency Regulations & UK EU CBDC Trends UK EU CBDC Cryptocurrency Regulations Europe and the United Kingdom Despite opposition from the industry, EU Parliament Passes Privacy-Busting Crypto Rules: Lawmakers are planning steps that could shut down unregulated exchanges and ban even the smallest anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. Legislators in the European Union approved contentious legislation today … Read more

US CBDC Trends and Cryptocurrency Regulations

US CBDC Trends

E-cash: Let’s take a look at “US CBDC Trends”. Bill suggests a digital currency that resembles cash and avoids the Federal Reserve: A Treasury-issued, hardware-secured, anonymous kind of digital currency is suggested in a US House bill. The Electronic Currency and Secure Hardware Act (ECASH Act), which was introduced in the House of Representatives of … Read more