Beginnings and Changes in U.S. Abnormal Climate Policy

climate policy

Beginnings and Changes in Climate Policy UK climate policy The UK High Court ruled on July 18 that the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy did not uphold its duties under the Climate Change Act 2008 and commanded that the strategy be updated. The decision is comparable to others made in Europe by courts that are … Read more

How are you dealing with exchange rate fluctuations, and what should you do?

Exchange rate fluctuations

Coping with UK exchange rate fluctuations Devaluation of euro Microsoft’s CFO estimated that the strong dollar had reduced revenue by four percent and cost of general sales and operating expense growth by two points. The strengthening currency has had a negative effect on US vendor results. Oracle CEO Safra Catz forecast that currency would reduce … Read more

UK inflation hits fresh 40-year high… prospect??

UK inflation

UK Inflation Status – Global Inflation Energy food prices soar The official measure of the cost of living rose to a fresh 40-year high in June, as petrol prices rose and food staples such as eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables rose. Analysts warned there was worse to come. The Bank of England said inflation would … Read more